With the land greed of the Sirinagas Unexpected house. This installation artwork is located in the lower part of the outdoor art gallery in front of the Bo tree on Atampitiya, Bandarawela Road, Sri Lanka. It is a masterpiece that has been incorporated into the Sri Lankan visual arts practice in recent times. Its original form was built about fifteen years ago now. It is made of cement, sand, wire, galvanized sheets and pipes. With an area of about 15 feet in length and 15 feet in width, this installation artwork is about 12 feet high. At present its creative value is over one hundred lakhs of rupees. You can view the original design of this installation design at any time. There are many other installation templates and drawings created based on this installation design exploration information. Accordingly, if you want, we will create an image of it. This installation design is based entirely on psychological factors and its impact. There are a number of books, articles, essays and paintings being prepared for this creation. Many of them are studies on the psychiatry of Sri Lankan scholars, intellectuals and social reformers. In the simplest sense, it examines the hypocrisy, hypocrisy, deception, and lying in the whole of human behavior, and the psychopaths that influence it. Studies the access of the mentally ill to politics, education, religion, economics, and social behavior in general. Psychologists who approach this are studying the pretense of being scholars and social reformers. People live here unaware of the dangers. The acquaintances quarrel amicably with each other. It specially studies the beauty that comes from consciously leaving this nature. Many of the paintings, sculptures and installations created from that model.