I really like his paintings. There is a pure beauty among his paintings. It's something he really experienced. We often meet at the Viharamahadevi Park in Colombo. He tells me the history of the big trees there. He is more than twice my age. He explains how small trees gradually spread their leaves. He adapts it to human figures and tells me about the old characters he meets in the park. I recognize those characters from his paintings. It is an amazing beauty. His paintings are full of the same vitality everywhere. It was his life. One day when I went to his monastery to meet him, he set fire to his paintings and destroyed them. The symbolism of that action is that he destroys his own life. Eventually he has to end up in a mental hospital, showing me the other side of the same beauty he had experienced before. It is now very clear that a great tragedy was recorded in his beautiful paintings. I look at the ashes of those burnt paintings and try to build those beautiful paintings of his.