"War-counsel of the Demon (Yakshi) Mare" One of the most magical stories in the early histories told; is the relationship between Prince Pandukabhaya and his Mare Chetiya. Informed about a magical Yakshi-Mare that haunted the lake near Dumrakgala; prince chases and tames her down in a incredible athletic match between the two. The Yakshi Mare was also said to have been his military advisor though the war; and the depth of his bond to his mount is proven in being presented with an abode at the South gate of the Anuradhapura city when it was rebuilt at the end of the war; along with the Devalas presented to Chitraraja and Kalawela yakkas . The story is full of mentions of shape shifting yakkas. and Chetiya's role is remarkable among them, how did the prince and the horse communicate if she was his advisor. The mention that Walawa mukhi yakshi- the horse headed demoness; was also given abord within the palace premises raises a more interest with the Horse /yakka cult or mythologies of the era... The horse is also strange in its color as is mentioned in Mahawamsa, a white horse with red legs is a rarity though the reverse is usually the norm.