Pradeep Thalawatta

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  • Exhibitions:

    2021 - "Uncertain Alone", Lionel Wendt Gallery Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    2012 - “A Different Road”, Lionel Wendt Gallery Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    2011 - “Red and White”, Department of Fine Art University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka

    2008 - “Day 2 Day”, Theertha Exhibition Season, Theertha Red Dot Gallery, Sri Lanka.

    2011 - Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residencies, at #1, Shanthi Road, Bangalore, India.

  • Displayed at Kala Pola:

  • Current Occupation

    Studio based Artist

  • Education

    Born 1979 in Sri Lanka. Lives and works in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Pradeep Thalawatta has known for his multidisciplinary practice. He uses a broad range of materials to continuously expand and evolve a body of work that includes photography, drawing, video, performance, installation and painting. He holds a BFA and MFA from Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan and trained as a studio-based artist at the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts and completed his Design studies at The National Design Centre in Sri Lanka. Pradeep works mostly comment on post-conflict Sri Lanka and the urban landscape.